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Why rent over buying your own device?

Simply put, it’s more cost-effective for institutions to lease devices in bulk than to buy new ones. For schools that need to control your costs, it allows you to shift the cost of the devices from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure.

Other benefits you get when leasing with PB Tech include:

  • Ease of increasing or decreasing the size of your device fleet quickly
  • Ease of upgrading/downgrading the devices on hand according to the needs of your school
  • Repair/replacement guarantees if your device has a hardware issue
  • Secure device erasure upon return of rental devices keeps your data secure
sustainable development PB Tech Procurement

Second Life Sustainability Programme at PB Tech

By leasing with PB Tech, you can be certain that the device will be returned into the New Zealand economy at the end of its lease.

Every year, PB Tech takes more than 30,000 devices that would have been disposed and refurbishes them to a high standard so they get a second life in the New Zealand economy as an off-lease device.

Find out more about our initiatives to improve environmental and social outcomes.

sustainable development PB Tech Procurement

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IT Manager of One School Global

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