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August 22nd, 2023

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As we approach the end of 2023, it's an opportune moment to reflect on our remarkable journey in education. The PB education team has diligently provided institutions with immersive PC-building experiences in the year's first half, as they buzzed around like busy bees, delivering enriching PC-building experiences to schools across New Zealand.

Throughout the first term, teachers had the opportunity to participate in engaging STEM robotics sessions that delved into the world of popular robots. These sessions explored various types of robotics and aimed to identify the best fit for classroom use.

The goal was to assist schools in discovering robots that align with their teaching and learning objectives, as we strongly believe in the transformative potential of educational technology.

Here at PB Tech, we invite schools who are interested to contact us to learn more. We are committed to providing the most suitable resources to promote student growth and development. 

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It was a joy to see the students' faces filled with satisfaction after successfully assembling seven personal computers.
The PB service team held PC workshops where students assembled advanced gaming systems with water-cooling and graphics cards.

PC building workshops across schools

Moving on to Term 2, the remarkable PB service team delivered a sequence of PC-building workshops, an experience that would’ve impacted many students across various schools. The journey commenced at Papanui High School, where the engaging activities involved constructing 30 PCs within a half-day timeframe.

Continuing with the commitment to providing students with hands-on education, the collaboration continued with the enduring Esports partner, CCC. We organised a workshop at Turanga Library, joined by Christchurch Boy's High School students.

This collaborative effort permitted the students to delve into more complicated territory, assembling advanced gaming systems equipped with water-cooling mechanisms and graphics cards, thereby allowing for a deeper immersion into the realm of technology.

The journey, however, did not stop there. The team proceeded to Little River, offering workshop experiences to students at Wairewa Marae. This was part of the Ngai Tahu-sponsored school holiday program. The students were keenly interested and participated actively in the activities, including a quiz identifying PC components in Te Reo Māori. The team was delighted to witness the students' sense of accomplishment and pride upon successfully assembling seven PCs. It was indeed a moment of success for all those involved. 

The team went to Little River and held workshops for students at Wairewa Marae as part of Ngai Tahu's holiday program.
Students were engaged and involved in activities like a quiz to recognise PC parts in Te Reo Māori.

As we look forward to the opportunities the upcoming terms will bring, our commitment to providing exceptional education remains wavering as we move toward new opportunities.

Please let us know if your school is interested in hosting similar enriching events, like PC building or STEM robotics workshops. We are always open to organising new events that align with your interests and needs. PB Tech looks forward to more exciting collaborations in the future.

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