“Enlightening, inspiring” - PB Tech and Google event highlights education tools

March 24th, 2022

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PB Tech and Google recently hosted a school leaders session at the Google office in the Auckland City Centre to share some of the tools and apps available in the Chromebook ecosystem for free to educators.

With the omicron wave peaking around the same time as the event was scheduled, we were worried that our turnout would be affected.

Thankfully, we were able to welcome teachers and digital leads from ten different schools. PB Tech and Google also provided attendees with an ASUS Chromebook each to empower them to keep developing and implementing what they’d learned.

Google’s Education Program Manager Steve Smith demonstrated how the tools and apps could be used in an education setting in a laid-back, hands-on session.“We use Chromebooks, but I didn't realise that Chromebooks could actually do so much,” said Mountain View Primary School Deputy Principal Felicity Davis.

“I love coming to these things because I always learn something that I didn't know beforehand. It's nice networking as well.”


Managing cost efficiencies at schools

For Kaurilands School Lead of Digital Technologies Nick van den Borst, it was about new insights that reduce the total cost of operation.

“Great to get inspired to be more creative and start to see what web-based apps are out there and programmes that are free for schools that you don't have to pay subscriptions for,” he said.

He’s excited to get more of his colleagues on Chromebooks as they’re more affordable compared to other devices his school is currently using and he wants to see all teachers have a device to teach with.

Connecting with students and remote learning

Davis was enthusiastic about how Chromebooks enabled students and teachers to connect remotely, especially during Auckland’s lockdowns.

“In having a device each, they'll be able to challenge each other, make their own Quizzles, and learn when they don't realise they're even learning,” she said.

Popular Chromebooks for education

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