How to set up BYOD in your school for remote learning

March 19th, 2020

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As the situation with Covid-19 continues to change from day to day, the Ministry of Education is preparing schools and whanau for the possibility of remote learning by assembling a range of online curriculum resources and tools to support those schools who don’t already have that capability.
It’s also working with the telecommunications industry on rapid deployment options for students without internet or sufficient internet at home, and with governments organisations to prioritise demand for laptop and tablet devices in a situation of potentially extended supply chain constraints.
Teachers and schools are moving quickly to ensure students and household have access to critical systems, reliable internet connections, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) learning devices they can use for remote learning should the necessity become a reality.
PB Tech's BYOD Portal is already being used by over 250 primary and secondary schools in New Zealand and can help teachers communicate the right BYOD devices for parents to get by giving the schools the ability to configure their own BYOD page with an approved list of BYOD devices that students and parents can buy online or in-store.
There's a customisable page for every single school in New Zealand – contact our education team to get school admin access and start configuring your page today.

Every school uses a different technology system, and each of the main education device providers have made resources available online. We’ve collated some of those resources here, as well as the our recommended devices to use with each ecosystem.

Recommended devices for Google ecosystems

Google resources on how to prepare students to learn from home with Chromebooks:

Preparing students to learn from home with Chromebooks
Prepare Chromebooks for eLearning days at home
Extending Hangouts Meet premium features to all G Suite customers through July 1, 2020
• EDU on Air Livestream - Enabling Distance Learning with G Suite and Chrome
Keeping Lessons Going Remotely - Jennie Magiera Global Head of Education Impact, Google for Education
Enabling Distance Learning through G Suite and Chrome - Google for Edu Teacher Center

Recommended devices for Microsoft ecosystems

Recommended devices for Apple ecosystems

Apple resources on how to prepare students to learn from home with Apple devices:

Master post with links to Apple’s education resources
Apple School Manager
Apple Mobile Device Management
Apple Education Support

It’s an uncertain time, and PB Tech is here to help support our schools and communities to make sure everyone makes it through. If you had any questions our education specialists can answer, we’re at your service. Feel free to get in touch today.

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