Discover the potential of AI with Google and what it can bring to the classroom

June 11th, 2024

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Last week, on June 4th, the PB education team partnered up with Steve Smith, who is the education country manager for Google, to organise a virtual webinar event, where we delved into the potential of generative AI tools in the field of education.

The interactive webinar focused on how AI can revolutionise the teaching experience, enabling educators to personalise learning and streamline their workflows.

Imagine creating engaging lesson materials tailored to each student's needs, freeing up valuable time for more individualised instruction, and easily managing student data — all with the help of AI. Steve goes into a comprehensive look at how this vision can become a reality with Gemini. 

What is Gemini?

Gemini is a powerful AI tool that offers a suite of features to help streamline your workflow and personalise learning. It can process information in various formats, handle complex tasks, and adapt to different devices.

With a focus on efficiency and flexibility, this powerful AI tool empowers you to be more efficient, spark creativity, and create a dynamic and personalised learning experience for every student in your classroom.

How Google for education's AI is shaping learning

The session unpacked the fundamentals of machine learning at Google, providing a clear understanding of the technology powering these innovative tools. Participants then explored Gemini AI.

Steve focuses on how Gemini AI can empower educators by automating time-consuming tasks like grading and data management, allowing them to dedicate more time to creating a dynamic learning environment.

Integration with existing Google workspace tools was another key topic. Steve showcased how Gemini seamlessly blends with familiar platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow that maximises efficiency.

Additionally, the session offered valuable insights into crafting effective prompts—the key to unlocking Gemini's full potential. By learning how to formulate clear and concise prompts, educators can harness Gemini’s capabilities to create truly personalised learning experiences.

This workshop was an invaluable resource for educators looking to leverage the power of AI in their classrooms.

By embracing generative AI tools, teachers can personalise learning for every student, leading to a more engaging and effective educational journey.

Want to learn more or are interested in managing the power of AI in your classroom? Check out the slideshow from the presentation or watch the full recorded session below.

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