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December 19th, 2023 - Last updated: January 23rd, 2024: 00:00

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Technological advancements have accelerated the shift towards remote learning in today's educational landscape. The online education market is expected to demonstrate an annual growth rate of 11.85%, resulting in a projected market volume of $859 million by 2028, making innovations like Document Cameras pivotal in bridging the gap between physical and virtual classrooms.

Explore how Document Cameras are transforming education, breaking barriers by creating immersive learning environments in remote settings and discover leading models from IPEVO that elevate the classroom experience to the next level.

What are Document Cameras?        

Document Cameras serve as adaptable visual presentation tools crafted for educational purposes. They excel in capturing high-resolution images and videos of physical documents, objects, or learning materials. With flexible positioning and adjustable settings, educators can share content, including documents, textbooks, 3D objects or drawings, and then preview it in real-time video form in a computer-projector or virtual classroom setting.

Benefits for Education

A traditional overhead projector has stood the test of time, allowing teachers to interact with an entire class. Similarly, document cameras do the same thing but in a more advanced way.

For instance, imagine a teacher explaining complex equations or geometric shapes. With document cameras, educators can place a textbook or write problems and equations, instantly projecting the content onto the screen for students to see, allowing for a more transparent demonstration of problem-solving steps.

Another excellent way for teachers to use a document camera is by utilising it to display and review student's work by annotating the content directly. This way, educators offer personalised feedback, highlighting exemplary work or addressing any misconceptions - a great way to encourage active participation and foster a supportive learning environment where students can learn from their peers' work.

The camera is also an excellent tool for students, allowing them to present work under the document scanner and facilitating group discussions and collaboration. 

IPEVO Document Cameras

IPEVO has a wide range of document camera models tailored to meet diverse educational needs. From compact and portable options to premium models - each camera offers unique features that empower educators and learners in different ways.

IPEVO DO-CAM HD Ultra-Portable USB Document Camera


The IPEVO DO-CAM is portable, providing unmatched flexibility with its sleek design and unique folding mechanism, weighing only 335 grams. It's the ideal choice for teachers on the move. The DO-CAM has an 8.0 MP camera and a full autofocus lens, allowing up to 30 fps live video capture at full HD resolution. Teachers easily go between a document camera and a webcam with a simple flip of the DO-CAM head. And they always seamlessly flip back to a document camera whenever you need to show any content during the middle of a call.

IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera


The V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera is the next step from the DO-CAM. Like the previous camera, the V4K Ultra features an 8MP camera with a faster focusing speed, helping minimise interruptions when switching between materials. It has additional features, including a focus button, an autofocus switch to switch between a static or continuously moving subject, a toggle to adjust the exposure, and a built-in microphone.

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IPEVO V4K PRO Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera


The IPEVO V4K Pro Ultra is another powerful tool educators can utilise in the classroom, offering additional features that make remote teaching easier. Like the previous cameras, the V4K boasts an 8 MP camera, ensuring crisp and detailed visuals. It builds on further from the V4K Ultra's features by adding a built-in LED light, allowing learning content to be captured more clearly, even in low light conditions.

Furthermore, it's the world's first document camera equipped with AI-based voice technology, making it highly effective in capturing the natural tone of voice while removing background noises, ideal for remote learning. At the same time, educators can have peace of mind knowing they don't need to rely on plugging in additional headsets and cameras during virtual classes.

IPEVO VZ-R HDMI USB Dual Mode Document Camera

Alternatively, the VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Document Camera is the next step up from the V4K PRO, offering dual-mode functionality with a USB and HDMI connection. With this camera, teachers can connect to a TV, monitor or projector via HDMI, skipping the need for a computer.

The VZ-R features an 8MP camera with a Sony CMOS image sensor and Ambarella integrated system-on-chip, offering a performance boost in focusing speed, reproduction of colours, and noise reduction even under low-light environments, allowing teachers to present with lesser disruptions or distortions. 

Additionally, the VZ-R comes with a swivelling and multi-jointed stand, allowing educators to capture from various heights, angles and orientations. Like the V4K Pro Ultra, the VZ-R has a built-in LED light and Microphone but with dedicated buttons conveniently placed on its body, allowing users to rotate, apply video filter, adjust exposure, refocus, etc.

IPEVO VZ-X Wireless HDMI USB Document Camera


Finally, the IPEVO VZ-X Document Camera is the next step up from the VZ-R, featuring three connection modes, which include USB, HDMI and WiFi functionality, allowing educators to connect redirect with an Apple TV, TV or projector. By connecting via WiFi to the computer, educators can move freely around the classroom while teaching. The VX-R can also integrate with wireless tablet devices like the iPad, allowing teachers to capture and display images using IPEVO Visualiser software and utilise accessories like the Apple Pencil when teaching. 

Another feature that stands out from the VZ-X is that it's completely wireless and equipped with a built-in battery, making it easy to move between classrooms and meeting rooms without the constraints of a cable or a nearby power outlet. This flexibility enhances its usability in various environments, allowing for dynamic lessons. Teachers can quickly check the battery level using the Battery Check Button. The VZ-X can be used for up to 9 hours from a full charge, and it takes approximately 9 hours to recharge from an empty battery.

Similar to the VZ-R, the VZ-X features an 8 MP sensor by Sony with an Ambarella system SoC. It has dedicated tactile buttons on its body for ease of use, allowing teachers to adjust the settings accordingly. The VZ-X comes with the Action Button, providing quick access to Visualiser software functions like taking a snapshot, video recording, scanning documents, and so much more.

Incorporating IPEVO document cameras in the classroom provides an innovative approach to teaching and learning. IPEVO offers a wide range of models, from the portable DO-Cam to the high-definition VZ-R and VZ-X series, empowering educators with dynamic tools that enhance student engagement and facilitate interactive learning experiences. These cameras revolutionise traditional teaching methods, fostering a more immersive educational space catering to diverse learning styles, elevating learning experiences for teachers and students.

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