Creating sustainable and premium pre-owed devices

August 24th, 2023

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The Smarter and more sustainable way to procure IT

PB Tech offers an intelligent and eco-conscious IT strategy tailored to your school, college,  or university's procurement needs.

With our remanufacturing process, we offer premium pre-owned devices from leading brands for your education institution.  Every year, PB Tech takes more than 30,000 devices that would have been disposed of and remanufactures them to a high standard, so they get a second life in the New Zealand economy as off-lease devices.

PB Tech's newly opened remanufacturing facility and warehouse are exclusively dedicated to reviving second-hand devices and facilitating distribution.
Our dedicated PB staff utilises industrial-grade equipment, including air compressors, to meticulously clean and remove dust from devices.

Get more for your budget

With a tight education budget, device procurement can be difficult for many schools, colleges and universities. Our remanufactured laptops from HP, Lenovo, and Dell cost up to 40% less than buying a new device. There is no compromise on quality either. Our products undergo a rigorous process, ensuring every device is cleaned and completely wiped inside and out.

PB Tech Remanufacturing Process

Each device undergoes a meticulous remanufacturing process that transforms it into a premium pre-owned product, matching the quality of a brand-new item. The remanufacturing process encompasses several crucial stages, ensuring the highest standard of performance and reliability:

Off-lease Process

With these designed stages, PB Tech guarantees that our remanufactured devices adhere to sustainability principles and deliver the performance and reliability expected from premium pre-owned products.

Every device undergoes a rigorous cleaning and disinfection process, with our team paying meticulous attention to detail, even at the level of individual screws, to guarantee that they are restored to the highest quality standards before distribution.
A committed team of experts carefully inspects and confirms the flawless functionality of the software on our remanufactured devices, assuring you of dependable and fully operational technology solutions.
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